Prior to commencing Timely Business Solutions Sue maintained positions as a successful CEO, Executive Manager and Board Director for over 25 years. Sue is using her background in management and her leadership skills to facilitate the growth of others, recognising that ‘people are everybody’s business’.

Timely’s business practices are facilitated through agreed and respectful partnerships, and together with a number of specialist consultants, Sue and her team of expertise will listen to your needs and only then, will create, design and write a solution.

What our customer’s are saying about their experience with Timely:

Queensland Correctional Services
The innovative response to Government, created by Sue, demonstrates value, and the concept meets a need that is currently not being serviced by anyone (Development of a new service to meet identified needs September 2017).

You did an amazing job for the organisation and for MARA (Women’s Re-Entry Services), and your passion for this work is extremely evident”. (Development of new models of delivery within the area of community engagement and accommodation June 2016 – August 2017)

Commonwealth Department of Social Services
Sue’s contribution to the Integrated Carer Support Service journey has been fantastic. We have really valued her insights, wisdom and expertise. (Invited Industry specialist to consult to the development process)

The Spot Community Services Board of Directors
Thanks for extending our thinking today, your facilitation of our Strategy Day was invaluable, and you bring such a great vibe and level of reflection to the discussion

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