Hi, allow me to introduce myself as the director of Timely Business Solutions [TBS], but also as a woman, navigating my commitments to family and a better world.

My name is Sue Lea and I am married, living on the  beautiful Gold Coast and most at peace near the ocean. I am surrounded by fabulous family and friends, all scattered around the globe, and travel, photography and grandchildren rule my non-working world!

I wanted my engagement to be representative of my values and to be driven by my first-hand knowledge of leading an organisation in a rapidly changing environment. It required agility and flexibility and so it made sense for me to bring in different levels of expertise as and when I needed them, and so I present myself to you, with that as a clear goal. 

‘To create, design, develop and implement in a ‘timely’ way, that enables organisations (large and small) to remain ahead of that ever moving horizon, and have business drive a culture of quality’.