We can create new business opportunities in the Aged Care and Disability sectors, in response to the NDIS and consumer choice, working  with Boards, Managers, Operational and Systems teams, by;

  • Mapping gaps in current service delivery to explore new markets
  • Sourcing tenders and grants that provide new opportunities or provide gap-filling solutions’
  • Workplace solutions that enable the attraction of quality personnel to meet your new business needs
  • Designing the business cases to get ideas into practice, and getting sign off from the top
  • Exploring the touch points in a process to identify efficiencies
  • Looking at customer journey’s in order to make practices match their desired experience
  • Running focus groups to test theories and proposed practices (staff and customers)
  • Documentation to support creations and designs – influencing Boards and Executives or informing the teams on the ground
  • Workplace practices re-created to support the change in organisational culture
  • Writing grants and submissions using innovative models of delivery

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